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Standard Desktops use Non-ECC Non-Registered/Unbuffered RAM. SERVERS use ECC Registered RAM.  Lifetime Warranty on All Memory Modules. FREE standard shipping within USA on orders over $30 dollars.  
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Presario 4110

System Specs
Type of system: Desktops/Servers
Bus Architecture: PCI/ISA
Hard Drive Bus: IDE
Memory Specs
Standard Memory: 16 MB = 8 MB (non-removable) + 8 MB (removable)
Maximum Memory: 72 MB
Memory Expansion: 2 sockets
Memory Comments: EDO DRAM SIMMs. Memory modules must be installed in pairs.
Available Products
16MB 72PIN EDO SIMM Memory16MB 72PIN EDO SIMM Memory
EDO Non-parity 60ns 5V 8Meg x 16
Regular price: $11.25

Presario 4110 Memory

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