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Inspiron Memory

Inspiron is a series of computers by Dell Inc. that include traditional desktop computers, laptops and traditional tower desktop computers. The desktop series was introduced in 2007 as a replacement for the Dell Dimension Series. It includes classic desktop models like the Inspiron 400, the Inspiron 545 and the Inspiron 546.
Dell XPS 8900 DesktopDell XPS 8900 Desktop
Dell XPS 8900 SE Special EditionDell XPS 8900 SE Special Edition
Dell Inspiron 3050 Micro DesktopDell Inspiron 3050 Micro Desktop
Dell Inspiron 3252 Small DesktopDell Inspiron 3252 Small Desktop
Dell Inspiron Mini Tower Desktop Intel 3650Dell Inspiron Mini Tower Desktop Intel 3650
Dell Inspiron 3656 Desktop AMDDell Inspiron 3656 Desktop AMD
Dell Inspiron 20 inch 3052 All-in-One DesktopDell Inspiron 20 inch 3052 All-in-One Desktop
Dell Inspiron 24 3452 All-in-One Desktop IntelDell Inspiron 24 3452 All-in-One Desktop Intel
Dell New Inspiron 24 5459 Series All-in-OneDell New Inspiron 24 5459 Series All-in-One
Dell Inspiron 24 3455 Series All-in-One Desktop AMDDell Inspiron 24 3455 Series All-in-One Desktop AMD
Dell Inspiron 24 7459 Series All-in-OneDell Inspiron 24 7459 Series All-in-One
Inspiron 23 5000 Series All-in-One Desktop with Optional Touch ScreenInspiron 23 5000 Series All-in-One Desktop with Optional Touch Screen
Inspiron 23 All-in-One Touch Screen DesktopInspiron 23 All-in-One Touch Screen Desktop
Inspiron 20 3000 DesktopInspiron 20 3000 Desktop
Inspiron 3000 Desktop All-in-One AIOInspiron 3000 Desktop All-in-One AIO
Inspiron 400Inspiron 400
Inspiron 660 Desktop 2013Inspiron 660 Desktop 2013New Item
Inspiron 660s Desktop 2013Inspiron 660s Desktop 2013New Item
Inspiron 570 620/620sInspiron 570 620/620s
Inspiron 518 (DDR2-667MHz)Inspiron 518 (DDR2-667MHz)
Inspiron 518 (DDR2-800MHz)Inspiron 518 (DDR2-800MHz)
Inspiron 519 (DDR2-667MHz)Inspiron 519 (DDR2-667MHz)
Inspiron 519 (DDR2-800MHz)Inspiron 519 (DDR2-800MHz)
Inspiron 530 (DDR2-667MHz)Inspiron 530 (DDR2-667MHz)
Inspiron 530 (DDR2-800MHz)Inspiron 530 (DDR2-800MHz)
Inspiron 530N (DDR2-667MHz)Inspiron 530N (DDR2-667MHz)
Inspiron 530N (DDR2-800MHz)Inspiron 530N (DDR2-800MHz)
Inspiron 530s (DDR2-667MHz)Inspiron 530s (DDR2-667MHz)
Inspiron 530s (DDR2-800MHz)Inspiron 530s (DDR2-800MHz)
Inspiron 531 (DDR2-667MHz)Inspiron 531 (DDR2-667MHz)
Inspiron 531 (DDR2-800MHz)Inspiron 531 (DDR2-800MHz)
Inspiron 531s (DDR2-667MHz)Inspiron 531s (DDR2-667MHz)
Inspiron 531s (DDR2-800MHz)Inspiron 531s (DDR2-800MHz)
Inspiron 535Inspiron 535
Inspiron 535sInspiron 535s
Inspiron 537Inspiron 537
Inspiron 537sInspiron 537s
Inspiron 545 (DDR2-667MHz)Inspiron 545 (DDR2-667MHz)
Inspiron 545 (DDR2-800MHz)Inspiron 545 (DDR2-800MHz)
Inspiron 545s (DDR2-667MHz)Inspiron 545s (DDR2-667MHz)
Inspiron 545s (DDR2-800MHz)Inspiron 545s (DDR2-800MHz)
Inspiron 546 (DDR2-667MHz)Inspiron 546 (DDR2-667MHz)
Inspiron 546 (DDR2-800MHz)Inspiron 546 (DDR2-800MHz)
Inspiron 546s (DDR2-667MHz)Inspiron 546s (DDR2-667MHz)
Inspiron 546s (DDR2-800MHz)Inspiron 546s (DDR2-800MHz)
Inspiron 560 (DDR3-1066 MHz) MemoryInspiron 560 (DDR3-1066 MHz) Memory
Inspiron 560s (DDR3-1066 MHz) MemoryInspiron 560s (DDR3-1066 MHz) Memory
Inspiron 580 (DDR3-1066 MHz) MemoryInspiron 580 (DDR3-1066 MHz) Memory
Inspiron 580s (DDR3-1066 MHz) MemoryInspiron 580s (DDR3-1066 MHz) Memory
Inspiron Zino HD SO-DIMM Memory (DDR2-800MHz)Inspiron Zino HD SO-DIMM Memory (DDR2-800MHz)

The most popular products by Memory America in this series are the Inspiron 530 RAM upgrades. The Inspiron memory maximum is 4GB and memory type is PC2-5300 DDR2-667 240pin SDRAM DIMM.

The maximum memory capacities for this series are typically 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB or 16GB.
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