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EDUQuest Desktop Memory Upgrades

EduQuest FiftyEduQuest Fifty
EduQuest Fifty-csEduQuest Fifty-cs
EduQuest Fifty-fiveEduQuest Fifty-five
EduQuest FortyEduQuest Forty
EduQuest Forty-FiveEduQuest Forty-Five
EduQuest ThirtyEduQuest Thirty
EduQuest Thirty-csEduQuest Thirty-cs
EduQuest Thirty-fiveEduQuest Thirty-five

EduQuest computers are a rare find in the vintage computer market, so if you own one, rejoice. Completing memory upgrades for these computers was difficult because finding memory for these old machines used to be a chore. Thanks to Memory America, however, your search for EduQuest desktop memory has been successful.

The EduQuest series of computers was developed by IBM later Lenovo - and designed for the educational field. These computers had about 4MB of RAM, a 25Mhz processor and ran the Windows 3.1 operating system. These computers were released in the early 1990s. In total, there were eight models in the EduQuest series: the Thirty, Thirty-cs, Thirty-five, Forty, Forty-five, Fifty, Fifty-cs and the Fifty-five. When these computers were introduced, they were lauded by educators for their design and functionality. These systems have built-in, high-resolution (by 1994 standards) monitors; a small desktop footprint and a single plug to the wall. The computer mouse could not be disconnected from the unit without a special tool and the mouse trackball and keyboard keypads were non-removable. As for learning, the systems had a front audio panel with two headphone jacks, a microphone jack for audio in, a volume control and built-in speaker.

These computers use the IBM 486 SLC2 microprocessor and have 4MB internal memory and up to 342MB of memory on disk.

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