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IntelliStation E Pro 6893-97U

System Specs
Type of system: Desktops/Servers
Bus Architecture: PCI/ISA
Hard Drive Bus: IDE or UW-SCSI
Native OS: Windows NT
CPU Type: 600MHz Intel Pentium III
Memory Specs
Standard Memory: 128 MB (removable)
Maximum Memory: 768 MB
Memory Expansion: 3 sockets
Memory Comments: 100MHz SDRAM ECC DIMMs
Available Products
128MB PC133 ECC Unbuffered Non-Reg Memory S167233MG128MB PC133 ECC Unbuffered Non-Reg Memory S167233MG
128MB SDRAM PC133 ECC Unbuffered ( Non-Registered ) Memory S167233MG
Regular price: $13.30
256MB PC100 ECC Unbuffered Non-Reg Memory S3272MG256MB PC100 ECC Unbuffered Non-Reg Memory S3272MG
256MB SDRAM PC100 ECC Unbuffered ( Non-Registered ) Memory S3272MG
Regular price: $10.60
256MB PC133 ECC Reg Memory S3272R33MH256MB PC133 ECC Reg Memory S3272R33MH
256MB SDRAM PC133 ECC Registered Memory S3272R33MH
Regular price: $13.50

IntelliStation E Pro 6893-97U Memory

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