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Choose your IBM Desktop below for compatible memory

IBM is a pioneer in the world of computers, and Memory America has RAM upgrades to support many IBM desktops. You may own a ThinkCentre, Aptiva Series, IntelliStation, AMBRA, EduQuest or NetVista machine, and if that system is slowing down, it might be time for a memory upgrade or replacement. Memory America offers the most reasonable prices on a huge variety of RAM from the world's most trusted manufacturers. You may be in the market for 4GB of DDR3 PC3-10600 1333MHz memory for your Essential C225, or you may have an older xSeries IBM desktop that needs SDRAM PC133 ECC Memory. Whatever you're looking for, you will find a competitive price, fast shipping and all the required information. Memory America includes system specifications for most IBM desktop models as well as necessary memory details (description, manufacturer info, return policy, etc.).
LENOVO ThinkCentreLENOVO ThinkCentreNew Item
Aptiva SeriesAptiva Series
EssentialEssentialNew Item
IdeaCentreIdeaCentreNew Item
IntelliStation E ProIntelliStation E Pro
IntelliStation M ProIntelliStation M Pro
IntelliStation R ProIntelliStation R Pro
IntelliStation Z ProIntelliStation Z Pro
NetVista ANetVista A
NetVista MNetVista M
NetVista NNetVista N
NetVista SNetVista S
NetVista XNetVista X
Network StationNetwork Station
PC 300PC 300
PC 365PC 365
PC 700 SeriesPC 700 Series
PC ServerPC Server
PC XT/286PC XT/286
Power SeriesPower Series
Premier PS/2Premier PS/2
RISC System/6000RISC System/6000

Choose your IBM Desktop below for compatible memory

If you're seeking the right upgrade for your IBM Power Series, for example, you can check the Bus architecture, native OS, CPU type and the memory information. Some desktops have six or more sockets for memory expansion, and they may have a high maximum limit of 16GB. If you find your machine lagging during daily use, you should consider a memory upgrade. It's usually a cost-effective way of increasing the performance of your computer and Memory America has plenty of alternatives. With different amounts and types, you can select the upgrade that's right for you. Once you've located the compatible RAM, if it's immediately available, it usually ships out the same business day.

With a wide variety of speeds and sizes at the lowest prices, Memory America can help bolster your IBM desktop's performance. Customer service is most important, as Memory America strives to provide the consumer with plenty of information and a high-end product. Quality is assured, shipping is fast, and your computer should once again be running at ideal speeds. Turn to Memory America for the best deals and prompt, proven service.
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