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The Intel RC440BX Motherboard comes without any pre-installed base memory. The system is equipped with 2 internal memory card sockets and can accept up to 512 MB of RAM. Memory is available in a range of sizes, from 64 MB to 512 MB. Memory for the Intel motherboard is sold in single chips only. For the best performance, choose the maximum amount of memory allowable for each socket.

Intel RC440BX Motherboards use PC-66 or PC-100 SDRAM DIMMs. The older style of memory is priced affordably, making it inexpensive and easy to upgrade your system. Orders of $30 or more qualify for free shipping. Memory comes backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. For questions regarding compatibility or for help ordering, please call 1-888-861-0328.

System Specs
Type of system: Motherboards
Bus Architecture: PCI/ISA
Hard Drive Bus: Ultra ATA/33
CPU Type: 450~600MHz Intel Pentium III or 233~450MHz Intel Pentium II, 266~533MHz Intel Celeron
Memory Specs
Standard Memory: 0 MB
Maximum Memory: 512 MB
Memory Expansion: 2 sockets
Memory Comments: PC66/100 SDRAM DIMMs
Available Products
128MB PC100 Memory APG31664MG128MB PC100 Memory APG31664MG
128MB SDRAM PC100 Memory APG31664MG
Regular price: $6.60
128MB PC133 Memory S1664133MG128MB PC133 Memory S1664133MG
128MB SDRAM PC133 Memory S1664133MG
Regular price: $6.60
256MB PC100 100MHz Memory APG33264MG256MB PC100 100MHz Memory APG33264MG
256MB SDRAM PC100 100MHz Memory APG33264MG
Regular price: $5.30
512MB PC133 168pin Memory S6464133MI512MB PC133 168pin Memory S6464133MI
512MB PC133 168pin SDRAM Memory RAM Upgrade for Desktop Computer S6464133MI
Regular price: $15.90
64MB PC100 Memory APG3864ME64MB PC100 Memory APG3864ME
64MB SDRAM PC100 Memory APG3864ME
Regular price: $8.00

INTEL RC440BX Memory

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