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Choose your Sony Laptop Model Below for Compatible Memory

If your Sony laptop isn't performing as well as it should, visit Memory America and find a reasonably priced RAM upgrade or replacement. Memory America stocks a wide variety of memory in different amounts and sizes. There's compatible memory for most Sony laptops on the market today, including the multiple series within the Vaio brand. As Sony's line of laptops is long and diverse, you need Memory America's assortment of reliable, well-performing memory upgrades. Get great deals on PC2700 333MHz Micro Dimm 172-Pin RAM for your Vaio VGN-S28SP, as well as DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz SODIMM memory for your Vaio VGN Series laptop. If your machine requires a bigger boost and it's capable of a large memory expansion, consider the fast-running DDR3 PC3-10600 1333MHz SODIMM RAM. This is available for various Vaios, such as the Signature Collection S Series. If the upgrade or replacement you desire is in stock, it usually ships the same business day.
Sony Vaio VGN-TXN25NSony Vaio VGN-TXN25N
VAIO Signature Collection S Series VPCSA2SGX/T VPCSA3SGX/XVAIO Signature Collection S Series VPCSA2SGX/T VPCSA3SGX/XNew Item
PCG 505-838 SeriesPCG 505-838 Series
PCG C SeriesPCG C Series
PCG F SeriesPCG F Series
PCG FR SeriesPCG FR Series
PCG FX SeriesPCG FX Series
PCG GR SeriesPCG GR Series
PCG GRS SeriesPCG GRS Series
PCG GRT SeriesPCG GRT Series
PCG GRV SeriesPCG GRV Series
PCG GRX SeriesPCG GRX Series
PCG GRZ SeriesPCG GRZ Series
PCG K SeriesPCG K Series
PCG N SeriesPCG N Series
PCG NV SeriesPCG NV Series
PCG NVR SeriesPCG NVR Series
PCG R SeriesPCG R Series
PCG SR SeriesPCG SR Series
PCG SRX SeriesPCG SRX Series
PCG TR SeriesPCG TR Series
PCG V SeriesPCG V Series
PCG VX SeriesPCG VX Series
PCG XG SeriesPCG XG Series
PCG Z SeriesPCG Z Series
VAIO C SeriesVAIO C Series
VAIO EA SeriesVAIO EA Series
VAIO E SeriesVAIO E Series
VAIO EB SeriesVAIO EB Series
VAIO EC SeriesVAIO EC Series
VAIO F SeriesVAIO F Series
VAIO L SeriesVAIO L Series
VAIO P SeriesVAIO P Series
VAIO S SeriesVAIO S Series
VAIO W SeriesVAIO W Series
VAIO X SeriesVAIO X Series
VAIO Y SeriesVAIO Y Series
VAIO Z SeriesVAIO Z Series
VGN A SeriesVGN A SeriesNew Item
VGN B SeriesVGN B Series
VGN BX SeriesVGN BX Series
VGN C SeriesVGN C Series
VGN CR SeriesVGN CR Series
VGN FE SeriesVGN FE Series
VGN FJ SeriesVGN FJ Series
VGN FS SeriesVGN FS Series
VGN FZ SeriesVGN FZ Series
VGN N SeriesVGN N Series
VGN S SeriesVGN S Series
VGN SZ SeriesVGN SZ Series
VGN T SeriesVGN T Series
VGN TX SeriesVGN TX Series
VGN TXN SeriesVGN TXN Series
VGN U SeriesVGN U Series
VGN X SeriesVGN X Series
VGN-FW590 FW SeriesVGN-FW590 FW Series
VGN-NW250 NW SeriesVGN-NW250 NW Series
VGN-SR590 SR SeriesVGN-SR590 SR Series
VGN-Z890 Z SeriesVGN-Z890 Z Series
VPCCW190X CW SeriesVPCCW190X CW SeriesNew Item

Choose your Sony Laptop Model Below for Compatible Memory

Memory America provides shoppers with most of the necessary information required. Once you've located your Sony laptop, you can check the operating system(s), hard drive, maximum memory and memory expansion. With some Vaios capable of holding up to 8GB of memory, you might want to greatly expand upon the machine's capabilities. Extra memory usually increases both speed and performance and if your laptop supports faster RAM, that is also a good option. You can be confident in every purchase, as you can read the specific details for each product, as well as manufacturer's info and Memory America's return policy.

The Sony Vaio laptop is one of the most popular and acclaimed portable computers around. But even the best need a performance boost at some point, and Memory America has the upgrade you need. If your system is slowing down under the weight of heavy online browsing, a RAM increase should help. It's not all about turning a profit at Memory America, as excellent customer service is always a top priority. For the best memory from trusted manufacturers and a wide variety of affordable upgrades, stick with Memory America.
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