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DDR Memory

First came SDRAM. It was an impressive improvement on how memory modules operated for its time. But, as with most developments in computing, the SDRAM was soon outpaced by the newer DDR. Double Data Rate or DDR is an evolution of the SDRAM, which is to say it is a type of memory used in computers of a certain generation.

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At this point, computers who use DDR are well past their prime. This technology has since been improved several time over and many iterations of the DDR have been produced including DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4.

DDR versus SDRAM: Let's Talk Improvements

The DDR is really just a type of SDRAM. In many publications it is often referred to as DDR-SDRAM. Like SDRAM, DDR is an acronym that stands for Double Data Rate, which describes its ability to transfer data at twice the rate of the original SDRAM interface.

During each clock cycle the DDR is able to send and receive signals two times. This improvement in speed means computers with DRRs run faster, yes, but it also means they operate with a much more efficient use of power. In other words, they won't drain a limited power supply, like say, the battery of a laptop.

Machines Using DDR

Due to the lower power consumption and the high data transfer rate, DDR is used in notebook computers. An important factor to consider when searching for appropriate upgrades or replacements for your computer is the issue of compatibility. Computers that have a DDR installed will not accept any other iteration the SDRAM. DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 are not backward compatible with systems that were designed with DDR.

We three different categories to choose from in our DDR Memory section: Long DIMM 184-Pin Memory, SO DIMM 200-Pin Memory and Micro DIMM 172-Pin Memory. Compare your machine's specs to the configurations of the products in these sections before placing your order.

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