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204-Pin SO-DIMM DDR3 Memory Modules

PC3-8500 1066MHzPC3-8500 1066MHzNew Item
PC3-8500 1066MHz HYNIXPC3-8500 1066MHz HYNIX
PC3-8500 1066MHz KINGSTONPC3-8500 1066MHz KINGSTON
 PC3-8500 1066MHz SoDimm MICRON PC3-8500 1066MHz SoDimm MICRON
PC3-8500 1066MHz SoDimm SAMSUNGPC3-8500 1066MHz SoDimm SAMSUNG
PC3-10600 1333MHzPC3-10600 1333MHzNew Item
PC3-10600 1333MHz SoDimm DELLPC3-10600 1333MHz SoDimm DELL
PC3-10600 1333MHz HYNIXPC3-10600 1333MHz HYNIX
PC3-10600 1333MHz KINGSTONPC3-10600 1333MHz KINGSTON
PC3-10600 1333MHz SoDimm MICRONPC3-10600 1333MHz SoDimm MICRON
PC3-10600 1333MHz SoDimm SAMSUNGPC3-10600 1333MHz SoDimm SAMSUNG
PC3-12800 (So Dimm) 1600MHzPC3-12800 (So Dimm) 1600MHzNew Item
PC3-12800 1600MHz SoDimm DELLPC3-12800 1600MHz SoDimm DELL
PC3-12800 1600MHz SoDimm HPPC3-12800 1600MHz SoDimm HP
PC3-12800 1600MHz SoDimm HYNIX ECCPC3-12800 1600MHz SoDimm HYNIX ECC
PC3-12800 1600MHz SoDimm HYNIX Non-ECCPC3-12800 1600MHz SoDimm HYNIX Non-ECC
PC3-12800 1600MHz SoDimm MICRON ECCPC3-12800 1600MHz SoDimm MICRON ECC
PC3-12800 1600MHz SODIMM SUPERMICRO 1.35v Non-ECCPC3-12800 1600MHz SODIMM SUPERMICRO 1.35v Non-ECC
PC3-14900 1866MHz SODIMMPC3-14900 1866MHz SODIMMNew Item

204-Pin SO-DIMM DDR3 Memory Modules

As laptop and notebook computer uses becomes more prevalent, the need to replace old memory modules increases. Additionally, some laptop computers have the capacity to have increased memory over the amount that was originally installed. This adds to the need for a good place to shop for 204-Pin DDR3 RAM. Memory America is that place. Memory America has 204-pin SO-DIMM modules in various capacities and from well-known manufacturers including Kingston, Hynix and Dell. Older laptop computers can be purchased at very inexpensive prices and these are products that would benefit from a memory replacement. Although you may not be able to install additional memory on these laptops, replacing older or lower quality modules with new, high-quality modules will benefit your computer. If you want to replace memory modules with newer modules, the easiest method would be to uninstall the old RAM and replace it with a newer version that has similar specifications. If, for example, you have an older laptop that has 2GB of memory, you know that the system will support that amount. That may be the top amount that your system can handle. You will then have to see how the memory modules are configured in the system. If you have 2GB of memory that is composed of two 1GB modules, you may be better served purchasing two new 1GB modules as opposed to one 2GB module. Your system specifications will give you more insight on the best way to configure the RAM.

Memory America helps make the memory module purchase easier by including detailed specifications on each module in stock. You can compare your old SO-DIMM module with the inventory at Memory America to determine your best options. Regardless of the memory that you choose, you can be assured the modules will be available at competitive prices and that these modules will be of the highest quality.

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