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EDO Memory

Available Products
16MB 72PIN EDO Simm Memory P43200E-616MB 72PIN EDO Simm Memory P43200E-6
EDO Non-parity 60ns 5V 8Meg x 16 P43200E-6
Regular price: $3.60
32MB 72PIN EDO Simm Memory P83200E-632MB 72PIN EDO Simm Memory P83200E-6
EDO Non-parity 60ns 5V 8Meg x 32 P83200E-6
Regular price: $4.80
64MB Simm 72-Pin 16M x 32 LP 8CH SOJ EDO Memory P1632ELPS664MB Simm 72-Pin 16M x 32 LP 8CH SOJ EDO Memory P1632ELPS6New Item
EDO Non-parity 60ns 5V 16Meg x 32 P1632ELPS6
Regular price: $12.10

EDO Memory, 16MB 72PIN EDO SIMM Memory, 32MB 72PIN EDO SIMM Memory, 64MB SIMM 72PIN LP 8CH SOJ EDO Memory

Older devices such as video game consoles use Extended Data Out DRAM, also referred to as EDO memory, as a memory module as opposed to DDR2 or DDR3 DIMMs. This technology debuted in 1995 and saw widespread use in the following years. If you are refurbishing an old computer game console or other device that use EDO memory, you can purchase new EDO modules from Memory America. EDO memory modules are 72-pin units that are available in16MB, 32MB and 64MB capacity sizes. In addition to video game consoles, these memory modules can be found in early Pentium desktop computer models. Even though these memory modules are an older technology, the modules available at Memory America are brand new and manufactured by Mitecs. Bring your older component back to life with these EDO modules and take comfort in the fact that you will receive lifetime warranty on the module with your purchase.

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