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PC 100/133 ECC Registered & Non-Registered SDRAM Memory

Memory America has PC 100 and PC 133 memory modules to improve the amount of memory your PC can store. Our selection includes Long DIMM 168-Pin Memory that are ECC registered and non-ECC/non-registered modules. For both the PC 100 and PC 133, these modules are available in 128MB SDRAM, two-piece kits of 1GB or just one, 256MB, 512MB and 64MB.
If you’re wondering about the difference between ECC registered, and non-registered modules and which you would need, it depends on what you’re using the extra memory for. Most desktops and laptops will use non-registered modules. ECC stands for error-correcting code and is useful to prevent unwanted errors in data from getting into your PC’s memory. ECC registered will delay all information from entering the memory by one clock cycle. This is a minuscule amount of time to the naked eye, but it can stop errors from entering the PC’s memory. It is used primarily for servers, networks and businesses.
Features include the following:

  • 128MB - 16Meg x 72
  • 1GB - 128Meg x 72
  • 256MB - 32Meg x 72
  • 512MB - 64Meg x 72
  • 64MB - 9Meg x 72
  • Both PC 100 and PC 133 use 3.3 volts of power
  • PC 100 uses 100MHz
  • PC 133 uses 133MHZ
  • They have Long DIMM 168-Pin

With your 168 Pin PC 133 SDRAM and PC 100 modules, you will have the security of a reputable and caring retailer in Memory America. We offer free shipping on orders to the U.S. worth over $30. We will ship internationally. There is a lifetime warranty on our modules. You can return them within 30 days. In addition, our staff is friendly and available to answer all your questions and provide assistance. Get your PC 100 and PC 133 memory from Memory America and we hope you will become a repeat customer for all your computer memory needs.

Non-ECC / Non-Registered
PC 100
PC 100
PC 133
PC 133
ECC Unbuffered ( Non-Registered )
PC 100 ECC Unbuffered ( Non-Registered )
PC 100 ECC Unbuffered ( Non-Registered )
PC 133 ECC Unbuffered ( Non-Registered )
PC 133 ECC Unbuffered ( Non-Registered ) New Item
ECC Registered
PC 100
PC 100
PC 133
PC 133

PC 100/133 ECC Registered & Non-Registered SDRAM Memory

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