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    About Us

    Welcome to Memory America, where we have quality memory & storage devices at discount prices. We sell RAM upgrades for servers, desktops, laptops, and more, all backed by a lifetime warranty and guaranteed to work with your computers.

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    We now carry a full range of  Servers, Desktop, and Laptop  memory and storage devices.

    Memory America was founded in 2007 with the mission to sell the highest quality memory and computer storage devices at competitive prices internationally with fast shipping and excellent customer service. Memory America has been under new management since January of 2016. We introduced a completely redesigned web site in August of 2017. The new web site is directly connected to a supply chain management system and has up to date inventory information so that you can order with confidence and certainty.

    • We have been selling computer memory since 1996 (22 years)
    • We cater to end users as well as buyers who purchase server memory in bulk for the likes of data centers and hosting companies
    • Finding the computer memory is difficult. We strive to make finding and purchasing our products easy and affordable on our web site
    • Our sales reps are computer memory and storage experts

    We are committed to the success of your business computing, as well as helping your personal computer experience to be smooth and fast with the right kind of memory, hard drives and solid-state drives to meet your needs. We are a privately held company, with a reputation of quality memory products and excellent technical support. We are your partner in upgrading your computers and servers in order to help you run your business or your customers’ business more efficiently.

    We currently sell to all types of businesses, large and small. Our customer service is available to help you find exactly the kind of quality memory and storage devices you need at competitive prices and to ship them all over the world.

    We now have the most comprehensive computer memory search methods on the Internet but you can also contact us with your questions. We are here to make sure you get your computer memory that you need. We understand that data centers and hosting company buyers prefer to search by computer manufacturer part number because it is more absolute and saves guessing game of figuring out the exact model of a computer. We have a wide range of computer manufacturer part numbers mapped to our individual parts in inventory available for you to search on line. We continuously add part numbers to our database on a daily basis.

    We take pride in the quality computer memory and storage device products and services and our very low return rate. We welcome your questions about our products. Our expert staff will make sure you get the correct memory for your computers the first time.

    Our online store is open 24 hours a day. 

    We provide technical support from our experienced team of sales people and technicians

    from 08:30AM till 6:00PM PST Monday through Friday to help you find your correct computer memory the first time and many times into the future.

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