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Four Ways to Tell You Need More RAM

Having an adequate amount of RAM (random access memory), is crucial to a smooth and fast computing experience. Every desktop, laptop, and tablet comes with a certain amount of RAM built-in (and this should definitely be a factor you consider before purchasing your fleet of computers.) Sometimes, however, that RAM is not enough for the needs of your staff, especially if your computers are a few years old.

Fortunately, if your employees are running out of RAM, you can buy and add additional RAM to most current desktop and laptop computers, as well as some models of tablets. How do you know whether your computers need additional RAM or if your problems are coming from a different source?  Read More

Our Scan Tool Helps You Find Compatible Memory for Your Computer

You need a memory boost for your computer, but you aren’t sure what type of memory to buy. Don’t guess and get it wrong! Different models of computers and laptops are compatible with different types of memory.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to be an IT genius to figure out which memory product is best for your computer. You don’t even need to know your computer model number. At Memory America, we offer a free tool that automatically scans your computer and then matches it with compatible memory products from our catalog. Read More

Is It Safe to Buy a Refurbished Hard Disk Drive?

There’s just something about the word “refurbished” that brings to mind a broken product barely held together by glue and duct tape. This negative connotation makes many people think that buying refurbished hardware, like a refurbished hard disk drive, is a risky endeavor. Is this an accurate assumption, or is it actually safe to buy a refurbished hard disk drive?

Refurbished Hardware Isn’t Always Broken

Many consumers don’t realized that there are actually many different reasons that a piece of hardware may end up in the refurbished category that has nothing to do with any defects in its functionality. For example, a refurbished product might have:

  •        Been returned because a customer changed her mind
  •        Shipped with small, external flaws
  •       Not been sold before the next generation model hit the shelves
  •        Been a demo unit  Read More

Help Buying Computer Memory When You Need It

If you’re looking for computer memory, you may have a lot of questions. For example, should you purchase hard disk drive memory or solid state drive memory? What are the differences between the two? Is it safe to buy a refurbished hard disk drive?

You may also need help to determine the best compatible memory for your specific make and model of computer or laptop. If you are buying memory for your entire company, you might have questions about discounts available on larger orders or about shipping to international locations. Read More

New Advanced Search for Memory to Find Exactly What You Need.

Memory America is committed to the success of your business computing, as well as helping your personal computer experience to me smooth and fast with the right kind of memory, hard drives and solid-state drives to meet your needs.

With that effort we have added a new feature to search by following ways to help you find what you are looking for faster: Users can now search for memory by computer manufacturer part number. Our new part number search method is available along with the existing search methods of searching for memory by memory manufacturer part numbers and by computer brand and model. Read More

We Can Send You Custom Transaction Reports on Your Computer Memory Purchases

Do you want to keep better track of your purchases of computer memory through Memory America? We would be happy to send you custom transaction reports upon your request. There are many different reasons that these reports can be helpful.

For example, we can send reports directly to your accounting department so they can more easily track your supply purchases.  Read More

How to Find the Right Sever Memory for Your Company

Your server can hold a whole lot of data, but even it has its limits. When your server starts to get full, you don’t have to go through the considerable expense and hassle of buying a new or secondary server. Instead, just purchase more server memory.

One thing to look out for is that not every server memory product is compatible with every type of server. It would be expensive if you ordered the wrong type of memory and then had to return it right when your server memory was hitting the full mark. Read More

Our Return Program Gives You Peace of Mind

Upgrading your computer memory represents an investment in your company, whether you choose to purchase hard disk memory, solid state drive, or server memory. What happens if the server memory you buy doesn’t match your server model or if you decide that you should have purchased solid state drive instead of hard disk memory?

When you buy your computer memory from Memory America, you don’t have to worry about ordering mistakes or purchase regret. That’s because we make returns easy and convenient. If you are unhappy with your purchase from Memory America for any reason, return your purchase within 30 days for a full refund.  Read More

Arrange Special Payment Terms and Delivery Schedule for Your Computer Memory Order

When you place a large order with Memory America, we are happy to work with you to arrange specialized payment terms and delivery schedule if needed.

For example, if you would like to pay certain percentage of the charge upfront and then make future payments on a schedule, we would be happy to discuss that option with you. We are also open to discussing discounted pricing for large and/or ongoing orders, especially if you are a regular customer. Read More

We Can Ship Computer Memory Anywhere in the World

Do you have offices or locations in different countries? Then you know that shipping internationally can sometimes be a headache. Not every vendor is able to handle the different paperwork and customs forms involved, but when you order computer memory from Memory America, we are happy to ship to any country in the world.

We want to make sure that all of your businesses have the computer memory they need to maintain optimal functioning. That means you need a reliable vendor who can process orders quickly and ship accurately to all of your locations.  Read More

Do You Need Custom Packaging and Labeling for Your Computer Memory?

Here are Memory America, we pride ourselves on shipping your computer memoryorders quickly and accurately. Our warehouse and shipping team is here to make the process as convenient for you as possible. That includes providing custom packaging and labeling to meet your needs. Read More

Same Day Computer Memory Shipment Is Available

When your computer starts to act sluggish or face problems because your memory is too full, the last thing you want to do is put up with the slowdown for an entire week, because the memory you ordered online is still in the mail. At Memory America, we want to make it as easy, convenient, and cost-effective as possible for you to purchase the memory you need.  Read More

Not Sure Which Type of Computer Memory You Need? We Can Help

When it comes to purchasing computer memory, you have a lot of different options. Should you choose a computer memory module? Or how about a hard disk or solid state drive? Will the memory you choose be compatible with your server? How much memory do you even need?  Read More  

Support for our Customers Every Step of the Way

Memory America offers top-quality memory moduleshard disks and solid state drives and they pride themselves on the best customer service that you will find.   The motto of Memory America is: 

“Support for our Customers every step of the way from start to finish” 

 It is so important to have reliable memory and a quality hard drive so you do not lose any of your data and you can be very productive with your computer. Memory America offers what you need to keep your computer efficient and support is available from the first question to the installation of your new memory or hard drive. Read More

What Kind of Computer Memory Do You Need? SSD vs HDD 

If you want to add more memory to your laptop or desktop computer, you have several different options to choose from. Two of the most popular types of additional computer memory are known as Solid State Drive (SSD) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD). We sell both here at Memory America, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read More

Your computer is running slow. Do you have too many files and programs saved, or are too many programs running at one time? This is basically a question off Hard Drive vs. RAM. If you are not a computer whiz, it’s easy to get these two things confused. Both have to do with storing information, and they both use the same measures (megabytes and gigabytes). Read More

Let’s say that you want to take up running. Yes, you could easily find a pair of running shoes at Walmart or on, but wouldn’t it be smarter to go to a specialty running store? There, you’ll get the most choice, and you’ll get to actually talk to an employee who is passionate and knowledgeable about running. Read More

Computer Memory
When your computer is new, it can feel like it has endless space for every program under the sun. You might have gone on a frenzy of installing apps and games and other cool programs. These days, however, your computer is slowing down. Some of that might have to do with a bogged down and clogged memory.  Read More 


Save Money On Your Next Computer By Buying Memory Separate

Laptops and computers are getting cheaper every day, but you’ll still need to pay at least a few hundred dollars for a decent new computer. If you want something top-of-the-line, you could be looking at a price tag of a thousand dollars or more. Read More


Want Your Computer to Run Faster? You Might Just Need a Memory Upgrade.

Remember how swiftly your computer used to load websites, pictures, and videos when it was brand new? Now it seems like it takes an hour just for Google to load. Is it time to finally say goodbye to your electronic friend and upgrade to a newer, sleeker, and faster computer? Read More


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