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    Why Buy Computer Memory from a Specialty Retailer?

    Let’s say that you want to take up running. Yes, you could easily find a pair of running shoes at Walmart or on Amazon.com, but wouldn’t it be smarter to go to a specialty running store? There, you’ll get the most choice, and you’ll get to actually talk to an employee who is passionate and knowledgeable about running.

    In all likelihood, you’ll walk out of the running store with a better pair of running shoes and probably some great tips on how to get started with your new hobby.

    In many cases, it’s just better to shop at specialty stores and to buy from experts. The same is true when shopping for computer memory. At Memory America, we can offer you a much wider range of selection than you’d find at more generic technology stores. While running shoes at a specialty store may be more expensive than what you could find at Walmart, we can actually give you a more competitive price on memory. That’s because we are a wholesale buyer and can pass our savings onto you.

    Keep Memory America in mind for all your computer memory needs. 

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