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    Should You Buy Computer RAM with a Heat Shield?

    Anyone who works around computers and servers knows how hot a CPU or GPU can get after a lot of use. The fact that these components are practically turning your server room into a sauna makes it easy to overlook heat creation by your RAM.

    The truth is that a RAM doesn’t get anywhere near as hot as a CPU or GPU, but it does create heat. Put your hand near RAM after it’s been working intensively, and you’ll feel heat coming off of it. (We don’t recommend touching it.)

    Since RAM can heat up with a lot of intense use, does it make sense to purchase a heat shield?

    Longer Life in Certain Conditions

    Talk to a lot of different IT professionals, and opinions are mixed on whether a RAM heat shield is worth the expense. Faster RAMs will heat up, especially with a lot of use. For those modules, a heat shield (also known as a heat spreader) may be able to extend the life of the RAM by helping to dissipate heat. It may be a good idea to observe your RAM to determine how hot it’s actually getting and to take note of the environment for your servers and computers. If you work in a hot area, or if your server room can heat up, then a heat shield can provide useful protection for your RAM.

    If you are working with slower RAMs, or if you don’t use them to full capacity, you may have less need to invest in a heat shield. General consensus is that a lack of a heat shield won’t affect the performance of RAM, but it could lower its life expectancy.

    Some IT professionals have made the case that RAM is often upgraded before heat-related issues can be a problem. Again, you’ll need to assess the situation of your computer and server setups and your upgrade schedule to decide if the expanded life expectancy offered by heat shields makes them a smart investment.

    Still have questions about RAM heat shields? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives to find out more information.

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