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    Is It Safe to Buy a Refurbished Hard Disk Drive?

    There’s just something about the word “refurbished” that brings to mind a broken product barely held together by glue and duct tape. This negative connotation makes many people think that buying refurbished hardware, like a refurbished hard disk drive, is a risky endeavor. Is this an accurate assumption, or is it actually safe to buy a refurbished hard disk drive?

    Refurbished Hardware Isn’t Always Broken

    Many consumers don’t realized that there are actually many different reasons that a piece of hardware may end up in the refurbished category that has nothing to do with any defects in its functionality. For example, a refurbished product might have:

    ·       Been returned because a customer changed her mind

    ·       Shipped with small, external flaws

    ·       Not been sold before the next generation model hit the shelves

    ·       Been a demo unit

    In all of these situations, the hardware is most likely in perfect working order.

    What About the Broken Items?

    Of course, some refurbished products are refurbished because they were defective. In this case, an experienced and trustworthy refurbish vendor will put the unit through lots of tests to identify the problem and then fix it. The unit will then go through extensive testing to ensure that it works properly before going back on sale.

    It’s important to consider the fact that a refurbish vendor who sells faulty, low-quality equipment won’t stay in business long! It’s in the best interest of the vendor to sell high quality refurbished products, including refurbished hard disks, to customers to create customer trust and loyalty.

    Look for a Warranty

    The best refurbish vendors will include a warranty on all their refurbished products, which can protect you just in case the product still has defects. For example, at Memory America, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our refurbished hard drives. That gives you an entire month to test out your drive and make sure it works just as expected.

    Don’t Overlook the Benefits

    Let’s just take a moment to review why you might want to buy a refurbished hard disk drive in the first place. For the savings! A refurbished unit can sell for 25% or even 50% less than retail value of an item. That adds up to big savings, especially if you need to put in a large order for your company.

    Looking for the best deals on high quality refurbished hard disk drives? Check out our current supply today!

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