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    Our Scan Tool Helps You Find Compatible Memory for Your Computer

    You need a memory boost for your computer, but you aren’t sure what type of memory to buy. Don’t guess and get it wrong! Different models of computers and laptops are compatible with different types of memory.

    Don’t worry! You don’t have to be an IT genius to figure out which memory product is best for your computer. You don’t even need to know your computer model number. At Memory America, we offer a free tool that automatically scans your computer and then matches it with compatible memory products from our catalog.

    This cool tool works for PC computers.  Just visit our home page and click the image that says “Scan My PC.” Once on that page, tell us if you have Windows PC  and then hit the button “Scan My PC”.

    Now you’ll never have to guess when you purchase computer memory again!   Contact us or go to our advanced search function on the website to find the memory that you need.

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