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    Do I Even Need Computer Memory When I Have the Cloud?

    Cloud computing is still a relatively new service, but it’s growing fast, allowing companies and individuals alike to store their pictures, song playlists, programs, and files online rather than on their own hard drives or internal servers. There are a lot of good reasons to use the cloud, but does that mean that computer memory is obsolete? Not at all. Here are a few important reasons why you still need to rely on your computer memory:

    1.       You Can’t Always Be Online

    There are still common situations when you won’t be able to access the internet, such as during certain flights, out camping, and driving through rural areas. In these instances, you’ll be at a loss if all of your most important data is in the cloud, where you can’t reach it.

    2.       Security

    The cloud isn’t necessarily as safe as it may seem. We’ve seen numerous examples of cloud computing companies suffer from hacking and malware attacks as well as data theft. In February of 2017, one of the biggest cloud computing companies, Amazon’s AWS cloud computing division, went down for four hours. Imagine if your entire business was on the cloud and everything came screeching to a halt in the middle of the day!

    3.       Loss of Control

    The truth is that when you put your data onto the cloud, you lose ultimate control over it. The cloud computing service can choose to pull the plug at any time without letting you know. Bad actors can hack the cloud computing program and steal your data. Even a natural disaster can destroy the other company’s servers.

    4.       Cost

    Some cloud computing services, like Google Drive offer free individual accounts up to a certain amount of usage. Most businesses, however, will have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee for cloud services to store their data. Before you make the decision to go to the cloud, you’ll want to compare the cost of cloud computing with the cost of simply updating your own computer memory.

    Cloud computing and saving data on your own company’s computers and servers don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Cloud computing can play an important role in backing up your systems or storing parts of your data that you don’t need access to at all times. That means you’ll still need to ensure that you still have enough computer memory onsite.

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