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    What Is Computer Memory Rank?

    It’s time to purchase new memory for your company’s computers. Being a smart business owner who wants to save money without sacrificing quality, you visit Memory America to take a look at all the computer memory we have available. To make sure you find the exact right memory for your computers, you perform a custom search, which lets you choose each feature you want. 

    As you scroll down the list of features, you notice a category called Rank, with a list of options below that look like this:

    ·         1RX16

    ·         1RX4

    ·         1RX8

    ·         2RX4

    ·         2RX8

    ·         4RX4

    ·         4RX8

    ·         8RX4

    What is computer memory rank and what do all of these strange codes mean?

    Introduction to Computer Memory Rank

    Computer memory rank is a block of data 64 bits wide that is created by using the memory chips of a module. The module can use some or all of the memory chips. In some cases, it can also be 72-bits wide. Memory modules are designed to contain either one, two, or four blocks of data. These are called Single Rank, Dual Rank, and Quad Rank.

    Each memory chip or component will allow for a certain number of memory banks. This number is listed in the second part of the code. When you see an X4, X8, or X16, that refers to the number of memory banks per chip.

    The ultimate rank of a module will depend on the number of memory banks and how the chips are engineered. For a much more technical explanation about how this number is derived, read this detailed answer.

    How Different Ranks Compare

    A higher ranked module offers more memory, but only if the server can address that many ranks. It is crucial that you understand how many ranks your server can handle before choosing a computer memory rank. The manufacture’s documents will include guidance on rank. You can also contact our live support for help in choosing the best memory options for your company’s setups.

    Finally, you don’t even have to bother with your rank at all. At Memory America, we can scan your computer and give you all the memory options that fit your computer’s make and model. Give it a try today!   

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