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    How Much RAM Do Your Need?

    It’s interesting to look back and see how much things have changed over the past twenty years. People have been writing RAM guides for decades, but now there is so much more emphasis paid to the specific technical implementation of any given RAM standard.  Fast Page Mode RAM, EDO RAM, SDRAM, DDR, and RDRAM are just a few of the standards that existed elbow-to-elbow, and which type of memory your system used often determined if it was worth upgrading.

    How much RAM you need in a system depends on what you intend to do with it, how long you intend to keep it, and whether you can upgrade your memory post-purchase. This last point is important, as many high-end laptops have eliminated user-upgradeable RAM in order to reduce system thickness by roughly six nanometers.

    Adding additional RAM to any laptop generally increases power consumption by a measurable (if small) amount, but this shouldn’t be an issue for most users. It’s also better to have a bit too much RAM than too little, as whatever you gain in power savings, you’ll promptly lose to increased disk paging.

    Read more in this comprehensive RAM guide, in which will help to answer a broad range of questions related to how much system RAM you need these days, whether it’s worth it to upgrade older systems, and whether DDR3 or DDR4 (the new main types of system RAM) is a better investment option.

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