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    Know the Kind of Memory You Want? We Make It Easy to Find.

    At Memory America, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to find the computer memory you want exactly the way you want to find it. For those who are uncertain about what type of memory their computer needs, we let you put in your computer’s make and model or manufacturer part number to find a list of available memory.

    If you are a computer technician and you know exactly what kind of memory you want, we’ve designed a search system just for you that will let hone in on exactly the right memory. Click on the Computer Memory option in our menu. You’ll be taken to a list of all our available memory.

    On the side, you’ll see a list of available features, including:

    ·         Form Factor

    ·         Version

    ·         Speed

    ·         Registration

    ·         Brand

    ·         Size

    ·         Voltage

    ·         Rank

    ·         Profile

    ·         Heat Shield

    Choose the options you want to immediately filter out anything that doesn’t meet your needs. In this way, with just a few clicks, you can see only the computer memory you’re looking for.

    That’s just one more way Memory America makes it easy to find the computer memory you need. Try our search system now.

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