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    Four Ways to Tell You Need More RAM

    Having an adequate amount of RAM (random access memory), is crucial to a smooth and fast computing experience. Every desktop, laptop, and tablet comes with a certain amount of RAM built-in (and this should definitely be a factor you consider before purchasing your fleet of computers.) Sometimes, however, that RAM is not enough for the needs of your staff, especially if your computers are a few years old.

    Fortunately, if your employees are running out of RAM, you can buy and add additional RAM to most current desktop and laptop computers, as well as some models of tablets. How do you know whether your computers need additional RAM or if your problems are coming from a different source?

    Here are three big signs that you might be running out of RAM:

    Programs and Files Are Slow to Open and Run

    With modern day computers, even the bigger programs your team uses should open instantly and run flawlessly. If programs take 10, 15, or even 30 seconds to open and load, it could mean that your RAM is struggling to find enough space for it.

    You Can’t Run Multiple Programs at the Same Time

    Before you buy new computers for your office, it is a good idea to make an inventory of how each department will use their computers. If your employees need to use multiple, high-memory applications at the same time, you might need to invest in higher levels of RAM. No RAM is infinite, but it should be able to handle the programs that your staff needs. If anyone in the office notices programs slowing when they open additional applications, it could be that their computer doesn’t have enough RAM to support their computing needs.

    You Get an Error Message

    One of the most obvious ways to figure out if RAM is overburdened is if you or a staff member gets an error message saying that the RAM is full or close to full.

    Of course, the easiest way to tell if a sluggish computer is a result of a full RAM is to check. You can do this through the task manager. If your staff members are regularly using more than 80 percent of the available RAM on their computers, then it is probably a good idea to purchase more. You should also check each employee’s history to see how much RAM they use throughout the day. See what their peak usage was. If it was over 80 percent, then consider buying more RAM.

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