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    How to Sell Your Boss on Purchasing Refurbished Hard Drives

    Your co-workers demand faster speed for their video conferences and webinars, but your IT budget is tight. You know that a great solution is to invest in refurbished hard drives from a reliable and high quality computer memory vendor. Your boss, however, sees the word “refurbished” and thinks you want to install hard drives into the company’s computers that are held together by glue and duct tape.

    How can you get a non-IT person to see reason?

    Use logic. Explain that there are all sorts of reasons why a hard drive may end up with the refurbished label that have nothing to do with its capabilities. For example, a hard drive may be deemed “refurbished” if its packaging is damaged, if it wasn’t sold at its first retailor, or if it was used as a display unit.

    Next, explain that the vendor you choose carefully and fully tests each refurbished unit before it goes back out on the market. If a vendor sold broken refurbished units, it would take only a matter of weeks until they lost all of their customers.

    Finally, if you choose Memory America as your refurbished hard drive vendor, you can point to our 30-day money back guarantee. If there are any issues with your hard drives, you can send them back for a full refund. Your boss will have no choice but to sign the purchase order!  

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