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    Support for our Customers Every Step of the Way 

    Memory America offers top-quality memory modules, hard disks and solid state drives and they pride themselves on the best customer service that you will find.   The motto of Memory America is: 

    “Support for our Customers every step of the way from start to finish” 

    It is so important to have reliable memory and a quality hard drive so you do not lose any of your data and you can be very productive with your computer.   Memory America offers what you need to keep your computer efficient and support is available from the first question to the installation of your new memory or hard drive.

    Memory America will put your mind at ease with the following:

    • Find compatible server memory using our comprehensive database of server brands and models via a powerful search engine
    • Check accurate stock availability on line. Items usually get shipped the same day if available.
    • Talk to knowledgeable reps during business hours in order to get answers to technical questions.
    • Request to ship products anywhere or to anyone in the world
    • Ask for custom packaging and labeling
    • Enjoy peace of mind from our generous warranty and return policy:
      • Full refund within the first 30 days
      • Lifetime replacement warranty on memory modules
      • Rapid replacement of malfunctioning parts
    • Arrange special payment terms and delivery schedules
    • Request few parts to test before ordering large quantities
    • Receive custom transaction reports as needed

    Let us help you find the memory modules, hard disks or solid state drives you need for your home computer or business, large or small.  Contact us with your questions.  1-888-861-0328

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