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    Understanding the Difference Between RAM and Hard Drive Space

    Your computer is running slow. Do you have too many files and programs saved, or are too many programs running at one time? This is basically a question off Hard Drive vs. RAM. If you are not a computer whiz, it’s easy to get these two things confused. Both have to do with storing information, and they both use the same measures (megabytes and gigabytes).

    Here is a quick look at the difference:

    Whenever you have a document open on your computer, a video streaming on YouTube, or your virus software running in the background, your RAM is the thing holding all of those programs. The more apps and programs you have running and the bigger those programs are, the less space you’ll have on your RAM.

    Hard Drive Space holds all the things you aren’t using. If you have lots of pictures saved on your desktop or big programs, like Microsoft Office, all those are stored on your Hard Drive.

    It is possible to fill up your hard drive with too many files and programs, but if you notice your internet running slow or get glitches trying to run programs, the problem is more likely to be with your RAM. A quick fix is to simply click out of some of your programs, but if the problem keeps reoccurring, you’ll need to upgrade your RAM so that it has more memory. At Memory America, we can help. 

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