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    How to Find the Right Memory for Your Computers

    You’d think it would be easy to add more memory to your company’s computers. You jump online, find a good deal, and then place your order. Not so fast. It can actually be incredibly confusing and frustrating to find the right computer memory for your computer. That’s because different computer models require different kinds of memory. If you choose the wrong type of memory, it won’t be compatible with your computers. Imagine having to ship back all that memory and starting the purchasing process all over again!

    To make matters worse, many memory companies actually make it difficult for you to find the memory options that are compatible with your computer. At Memory America, we don’t make you jump through hoops or force you to guess and pray that you picked the right type of memory. We’ve created an easy-to-use system that makes finding the right memory for your computers simple.

    Our systems let you search for computer memory by:

    Memory Specs: Choose the size, speed, rank, and registration of the memory that you want, and our system will find every available product that matches. This option is perfect for the savvy computer technician who already knows exactly what kind of computer memory he or she is looking for.

    Computer Make and Model: Not all of us are I.T. specialists. If you are a business owner who happens to be wearing the I.T. hat at the moment, you can find the right memory just by inputting your computer make and model. Don’t know what computer make and model you own? That’s okay! Our new website app will actually read your computer and give you this information. (Note: If you are buying memory for multiple computers in your office, make sure they are the same make and model before making a bulk memory purchase!)

    Computer Manufacturer Part Number: If you have the computer manufacturer’s part number, you can put this into our system, and we’ll list the right memory product for your computer. You can typically find this part number in the computer’s user manual or from your computer vendor.

    Contact Us: Still confused or just want to double check that you’ve chosen the right memory before you make a purchase? We are here to help. Click on our Live Support button, and a helpful representative will be glad to ensure you are making the right purchase.

    With Memory America, you never have to worry about purchasing the wrong computer memory again. 

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