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    What Are SATA Internal Hard Drives?

    When you start browsing through internal hard drives at Memory America, you may notice that we sell a lot of SATA hard drives. What are SATA hard drives, how are they different from ATA hard drives, and how are they used?

    An Evolution from ATA to SATA

    SATA stands for Serial AT Attachment and is also often known as “Serial ATA.” SATA is what is known in the data industry as a “computer bus” which simply means that it is a system that transfers data between components. In this case, SATAs connect host bus adapters to storage devices, including hard disk drives. (They can also be used to connect adapters to solid state drives and optical drives).

    The SATA system was released to wide adaption in 2000. Before that time, most systems used PATA, known as Parallel AT Attachment. SATA offers several important benefits over PATA.

    SATA vs. PATA

    Some of the biggest benefits that SATA offers over PATA are:

    ·         Reduced cable size. The biggest difference between SATA And PATA is the size of the cables. PATA cables are bulkier and require more space.

    ·         Fewer conductors. SATA systems require only seven cables (three ground cables and four active data lines). In contrast, PATA needs 40 to 80 cables. This increases the size of PATA devices.

    ·         Native hot swapping

    ·         Faster data transfer due to higher signaling rates

    ·         More efficient transfer through an I/O protocol

    Because SATA uses smaller cables and fewer conductors, it offers a smaller and cheaper alternative to PATA, which is what computer manufacturers need as they introduce slimmer and cheaper computing devices. It’s not surprise that SATA has virtually overtaken PATA when it comes to computer bus interfaces. PATA is pretty much extinct from the market.

    How SATA Works

    SATA is known for its high-speed serial cable, which is split between two pairs of conductors. This cable lets SATA send information between host adapters and devices at nearly instantaneous speeds.

    Where to find SATA Hard Disk Drives

    At Memory America, we offer internal hard disk drives configured for SATA systems. Our hard disk drives are competitively priced and come from the leading name brands, including Hitachi, Samsung, and Seagate. If you are looking to update the memory capabilities for your company’s computers, contact Memory America today. 

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