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    Why It’s Smarter to Buy Wholesale Memory Than to Replace All of Your Computers

    Your I.T. manager tells you that all the computers in the company need to be replaced with newer, better models. You look at your budget and realize that there is just no way that you can possibly afford it. Don’t worry. There’s a better option. You can upgrade your current computers and make them run almost like new just by upgrading their memory.  

    In a Perfect World…

    In a perfect world, if your coffers were overrunning with extra money, then sure, it would be great to give every single employee a new computer. The truth is, however, that it usually isn’t necessary. Your I.T. guys always want more pixels and all the bells and whistles, but your average employee just needs a computer that is reliable, can handle software requirements, and runs fast.

    That last part is usually the problem.

    If your current computers are only a few years old, then they are probably completely fine except that their memory and RAM may be overburdened. This will cause them to run slow and “feel” old. Fortunately, you can upgrade a computer’s memory and make it run almost like new at only a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire computer!

    Consider Wholesale Memory

    In fact, you can likely save even more money by purchasing wholesale memory. As long as all of your computers are the same make and model, then you can get steep pricing discounts by going wholesale. At Memory America, we sell a wide variety of computer memory on a wholesale scale, whether you need memory for hundreds of computers or thousands of computers.

    Why Purchase Wholesale Memory from Memory America

    Probably the best reason to purchase wholesale computer memory from Memory America is because we offer some of the best pricing on the market for the quality of memory we offer. We are also very skilled at obtaining hard-to-find parts in high volumes.

    If your I.T. person claims that you won’t be able to find the computer memory you need on a wholesale scale, check with us first. You and your I.T. person might be surprised!

    Finally, we pride ourselves on our fast shipments. We have a lot of experience shipping to international destinations, so if you have multiple offices overseas, we can still get you all of the memory you need.

    Before you spend half your company budget on new computers, consider a wholesale memory upgrade. Contact us today, and we can help you determine if this might be a better option for your business and your budget! 

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