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    Is a Solid State Drive the Right Memory Option for You?

    Need more memory on your personal computer or want to up the memory on the laptops of your employees? You’ll need to decide whether to buy hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid state drives (SSDs). Purely from a pricing standpoint, the HDD will be much more attractive than the SDD, but is there any reason to invest the extra dollars and choose SSD?

    HDDs vs SDDs

    For most of our computing history, the primary mode of storage was the hard disk drive. If you’ve ever turned on a computer or laptop and listened to a soft whirring inside, that was the hard disk drive, which uses spinning discs and a reader arm to store data. More recently, the solid state drive came on the scene, which stores data on interconnected flash memory chips. 

    Essentially, both an HDD and an SDD do the same thing – they store your data. However, the primary benefit of the HDD is its price point. PC Magazine points out that at current rates, a gigabyte of storage costs 4 to 5 cents on an HDD. That same amount of storage costs 25 cents on an SSD. So why might you want to pay five times as much for your storage capability?


    The primary benefit of the SSD is speed. An HDD takes time to boot up. It’s got to get those discs spinning and the reader arm going. If you’ve got an SSD chip installed in your computer, it can boot up almost instantly. It can also speed up other important computing processes, like launching apps and transferring files. Over thousands of hours of computing time, this can really add up to significant time savings.

    Data Security

    HDDs are more fragile than SSDs. Remember, the HDD includes moving parts. If you drop your laptop, as most humans do, the HDDs could be easily damaged. An SSD, with no moving parts, is hardier.

    Energy Savings

    The HDD uses more energy than the SDD due to its moving parts. Using an SDD could allow you to squeak out a few extra minutes of battery life of your laptop or help you use less energy when your computer is plugged in.

    Is a solid state drive the right choice for you? That depends on your budget and how important speed is to you. If you’re looking for the best deal, then the HDD is definitely your best option. If you’d rather have faster processing power, go with the SDD. At Memory America, we offer high quality hard disk drives and solid state drives.
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