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    What Kind of Drive you Need? SSD vs HDD

    If you want to add more storage to your laptop or desktop computer, you have several different options to choose from. Two of the most popular types of additional computer memory are known as Solid State Drive (SSD) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD). We sell both here at Memory America, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


    If you are looking to buy storage as cheaply as possible, then there’s no contest. HDD should be your choice. This technology is older and slower than SSD, but you won’t be able to beat its price. According to StoreageReview.com, SSD retails for around $0.20 per gigabyte, while HDD retails for $0.03


    If you want your computer to boot up and run your programs fast, and if money isn’t a concern, then SSD is a better option for you. SSD outperforms HDD and will give you a better user experience. It can also hold more data and uses less computing power.

    Hopefully, this article will help you decide if you should be looking at Solid State Drives or Hard Disk Drives. Happy memory shopping! 

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