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    Should You Get New Computers for the Office for Just Upgrade Your Computer Memory?

    Your employees are complaining that their computers are slow, and of course your IT guy or gal suggests the latest and greatest new desktop for each employee. That all sounds great, except you don’t exactly have the budget to replace 200 computers! Also, didn’t you just buy those computers three years ago? How could they possibly have become obsolete so quickly?

    Chances are that your company’s computers are operating just fine. They simply need a memory boost. After a few years, many computer memories get clogged with lots of files, especially if your employees download and save big graphics, videos, and media files. RAM is especially vulnerable to getting filled, which can slow programs, or make it impossible for employees to open and run multiple big programs at the same time.

    Encourage your IT professional to visit Memory America. We specialize in selling high quality computer memory at great prices. We can keep your current computers humming, improving worker performance and saving you a lot of money that you can invest in other areas of your business.

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