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Impress Your Boss with a Lifetime Warranty on All RAM

Any time you have to go to the boss with a big purchase order, he or she is going to scrutinize the expenditure. As an IT person, it can sometimes be difficult to justify needed upgrades to someone who doesn’t understand the intricate workings of the company’s computer system. How do you explain why the company needs a redundant server, for example?

At Memory America, we can’t convince your boss why it is so important to install RAM to give employees more memory and better performance. We can however, offer your boss the reassurance of our lifetime warranty. That means when your boss signs that purchase order, he or she is getting our guarantee. If any of our RAM should be defective, we will replace it at no cost to you or your company.

In the business world, so few things are guaranteed, that your boss should jump at this offer. Or at least, it might be the final little push he or she needs to approve your purchase. Good luck with that redundant server! 

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