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    Scan Your Computer
    Scan my computer

    The Memory America Scanner Finds Compatible Memory FAST

    You are just a couple of clicks away from the fastest way to find compatible memory for your computer.

    Choose the correct scanning program below and find your new memory FAST!

    Our scanner also tells you how much memory and quantity of memory modules you currently have so that you can decide on upgrades without having to open your computer.

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    Memory Scanner for Windows Machines

    The Memory America Windows Scan App quickly and safely reads the model of your server/desktop/laptop and determines compatible memory products.

    Our small, fast, and secure program takes seconds to download so you can get a listing of compatible memory FAST!

    We have an extensive library of computer models in our database. So go ahead and give it a spin!

    Try again in a day or two if your computer is not found. We monitor scans everyday and add the missing models to our database.

    The app is very safe and registered. Don't be afraid to run it on servers!

    Windows Instructions

    Click on "Scan My Computer" button to get started. You may receive the message "URL is empty" if your anti-virus takes time to check the code. Simply press OK to that message to continue. It will take no more than 15 seconds during which time we will try to find compatible memory modules for your particular computer model. A new page starts when scanning completes. Please wait for the results after you press the scan button. You may also have to manually execute the code depending on the browser (this is true for Google Chrome users).

    You may receive "Product Not Found" if your computer is not in our database. You can contact us or search by manufacturer number for your compatible memory product in the search bar above.

    You will get a list of compatible memory products for your computer if your computer is found in our database. Click on the desired product to select and add to cart.

    Apple Macinthosh Memory Scanner

    Apple Macintosh Memory Scanner is currently not available. It will be added in the near future.

    Macintosh Instructions

    Apple Macintosh Memory Scanner is currently not available. It will be added in the near future.

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